MOVEMENT HUNTER: Italy Summer Residency 2024

August 23 – September 1

Le Marche region

Water dance, Contact Improvisation, Tango, Tai-Chi, Play Fight, Physical creativity, Voice & Singing circles, Mindfullness & Somatic practice


-get in touch with ourselves and others, 

Italy Summer Residency 

-reconnect physically and emotionally with water and Nature around and within us, 

-expand our movement, emotional and creative vocabulary,

-deepen our way of being in the present, our mindfullness and somatic awareness

-recognise our intimate connection with water from within to bring it out into our movement and creativity,

-submerge into the depths of the obvious as in the art of breathing, singing and consensual touch

-get to know deeper a bunch of crazy likewise people and become part of an ephemeral community,

-become aware of the conflicting relation between our movement nature and our sedentary societies,

-feel empowered to make choices,

As in a hero/heroine’s journey, we would like to descend into the depths of water to come back, transformed and re associated with the powers of Nature.


…an everyday experience of our natural evolutionary movement, in water and outside, together with elements of Taichi, Contact Improvisation, Tango, Play Fight, Fusion dance, Body percussion, Somatics, music and dance Jams. Besides we will explore forests, streams and the nearby sea. We will sing, share stories and cook together, wander in wonder through the beautiful Le Marche region. And, very important, we will allow ourselves time to do nothing, sunbathing like a lizard.

This residency is open to people of all experiences interested in movement creation as a path of knowledge, healing, communication and personal enrichment. 

For 8 DAYS, (23rd August – 1st September), the charming old farm house GAIA, by the village  of Ostra Vetere (near Senigallia, IT), will provide the perfect setting to immerse ourselves in Nature.


  • 6 to 7 hours outdoors and indoors movement. Plus dance & music jams.
  • Moss Beynon Juckes will offer a couple of sessions on voice movement improvisation & singing circles. 
  • Guglielmo Perez will offer a session (or more) of Improv Theatre
  • Open spaces for each participant to contribute at its own will with their own experienced knowledge. Past years offers ranged from yoga, massage, girokinesis, meditation, chocolate ritual, to name just some.
  • We will organise a trip to the beach to move in the sand and sea.

The Agriturismo (Farmhouse) Gaia, offers: a wide pool 1,40mt depth all around, a big inside studio, rooms for 2, 3 or more people, with or without private bathrooms, space for tents and campers + a large kitchen + Grill + beautiful surrounding gardens and rounded hills 

DATES: Doors open August Sunday 23rd at 15hrs till Sunday 1st Sept. 11hrs. It is possible to come for a reduced stay of minimum 4 days. 


Gaia B&B Address: Contrada Gambacane 7, Ostra Vetere, Ancona 60010, Italy. From SENIGALLIA train station: By car 30 mins. By BUS 45 minutes

COST WORKSHOP: until July 7th: 410€ to 450€.  

After 7th July: 450€ to 490€

DISCOUNT FOR: students, unemployed, people with tight budgets, participants not travelling in airplane coming further than 1200km and for former participants to last year residency. The discount is only possible on the workshop cost.

FOOD Costs & Preparation: 

The wide Gaia kitchen will be available for us to use for a minimum week contribution ( between 150E to 200E for the whole group & week). We will cook and do shopping together as part of building a community attending to each others need. 


All the sleeping possibilities include BREAKFAST

-18€ p.night p.person: Campers and tents (common bathroom and shower)

-25€ p.night p.person: 1 Bungalow for 2 & a Dome for 6 persons (common bathroom and shower)

-29€ p.night p. person: room for 4 (with own bathroom)

-37€ night p.person: room for 2 persons (with own bathroom)

-39€ p.night p. person: apartment for 3 & apartment for 4 (own bathroom, small kitchen, fridge)

*The BREAKFAST consists of: raw vegetables & fruits/Yogurt, Cheese or eggs/, Butter, Bread (toasted or not), Rice or corn biscuits, Cornflakes or Oats/ Cakes, croissants and biscuits + Coffee or Tea

INFO: & , phone +49 176 2145 2059 whatsapp /signal/telegram



Underwater contact tango dance video 

Contact tango video: 

Other videos: 

Acro Contact tango: 

Javier Cura is a movement activist. He encourages people to take care of their own vital movements, as these have a massive impact on our physical, emotional and spiritual health as well as on our Planet’s health.

He is a teacher, visual artist, theatre director and movement coach who has worked extensively in the realms of movement, dance and theatre. He has been invited to teach and perform at Fabrik Potsdam Tanztage, Goettingen Contact Impro Festival and Phantastango, Farma Dance Theatre Festival and Alchemie Tango in Prague, C.I.R.A in Strasbourg, as well as to CI Festival San Francisco (USA). He has dedicated himself to researches in anthropological and sociological themes to develop projects in social theatre in Italy, Morocco and Germany. He has collaborated on a research on expression in Contact Improvisation at the Berlin Free University. He has worked as movement advisor for Sickle Cell patients in London Royal Hospital. Through a mix of disciplines that nourish movement diversity, body awareness, consensual touch and creativity, he has created The Ecological Body, with the intention to reconnect with oneself, other beings and the Earth, in an emotional, physical and spiritual way. He defines himself as a movement activist. He encourages people to take care of their own vital movement needs, as these have a massive impact on our physical, emotional and spiritual health, as well as on our Planet’s health.

“The Meaning of Movement”.

Moss Beynon Juckes is a multidisciplinary artist, performer, musician, voice & singing circles facilitator. 

Guglielmo Perez is an actor, Impro theatre teacher, director and writer.