ANOTHER WALK ON THE WILD SIDE Poland Summer Residency July 19-28-2024

Piotrowice Baroque Palace in Poland

Contact Improvisation, Tango, Tai-Chi, Physical creativity, Somatics, Body Ecology, Open Voice & Singing circles. With Komala Amorin & Javier CuraEvolution has designed us through movement, touch and socialisation. We are born to run, jump, walk, climb, fight, cooperate, tell stories, sing and dance. Our brains are a consequence of our wide range of movement, food and social interactions.The way we move affects our physical, emotional and mental health. Acknowledging our evolution’s design can have a positive impact on ourselves, on our society and on the Earth. We would like to embody the change we wish for us and for those who will follow us.
WHAT TO EXPECT:Surrounded by green farmlands, against the backdrop of blue hills, lush green forests, a meandering river, nearby lakes and the gardens that surround the renovated baroque Palace of Piotrowice we will empower ourselves through the joy of “gathering” a diversity of movements together. We will apply all of these to Contact Improvisation, Tango, Tai-Chi, Play Fight, Physical creativity, Ecstatic Dance, Body Percussion, Voice exploration and Singing circles. We will also share stories, gather plants, cook together, swim, meditate and create different forms to cooperate and to share knowledge. We will experience how this embodied experience can affect our way of being in the present, our creativity and life joyfulness and envision ways to bring it over to our everyday life. 

EARLY BIRD before the 1st June:Sliding scale 395€ to 445€ (discount for students & unemployed)
AFTER 1st June:Sliding scale 445€ to 485€ (discount for students & unemployed) 

NOTE: it is possible to come for a shorter stay of minimum 3 complete days. 

COST INCLUDES: Around 6-7 hours daily of movement outdoors and indoors plus music, dance & contact tango jams. 

OPEN VOICE lead by Komala Amorim, is a method for rescuing our natural ability to sing spontaneously by opening and expressing the wide range of sounds within. This is a therapeutic process, a powerful opening for self-expression and a spiritual experience. It is a call to be in the present moment and express our inner experiences and emotions, through the singing voice. We will have 3 or 4 sessions plus music voice improvisations. O

PEN SPACE for participant to contribute at its own will with their own experience and or questions. Past years offers ranged from yoga, massage, meditation, to name just some.
ACCOMMODATION OPTIONS & COSTS:Includes the use of:+ a grand piano + a big common kitchen to cook together + Studio + common bathrooms + an improvised pool + common bikes + when possible being picked up at the nearby village. Tents: 15-20€/p.night/person & camper: 20-25€/p.night/personMattress on floor in shared hall: 20€/p. night,Shared rooms for 3 or 4 persons: 25-30€/p. night, w/private bathroom & sometimes kitchenShared room for 2 persons: 30-35€/p. night, w/ private bathroom & sometimes kitchenSingle room: 35-40€/p. night 

FOOD is our community building practical tool.Taking care of our food (shopping, cooking, cleaning, etc) is a practical way to bring down to earth our community and to open up awareness for the group wellbeing. We will share the costs (which are very cheap in Poland)

DANCE & MUSIC JAMS and CONCERTSKOMALA AMORIM: lead by her, we will play with our unique voices and improvise in singing circles.
JULIAN TEUBAL (to be confirmed), composer, improviser, pianist interpreter, will hopefully join us playing piano for us. 

NICOLA GRUENING & and other accomplished musicians, creators and teachers will be playing some nights. AND, you can bring also your music instrument and join us for the multiple JAMs. 

HOW TO ARRIVE:we will put in contact participants to share trips together by car, camper or train. . Google Maps: 

From Berlin: 5-6 hours by car – 7.30 to 8.30hours by train or Bus search connections for Nysa or Otmuchów. We will pick you up from either.

From Prague: 3.30 hours by car – 4.30 hours by train or Bus to Horní Heřmanice via Zábřeh na Moravě & Lipová Lázně. We will pick you up from Horní Heřmanice. 

Please double check with us the precise info on how to get there. 

INFO: ,   Whatsapp, Telegram, Signal +49 176 21452059 

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Javier Cura (Argentina) is a teacher, visual artist, theatre director and movement trainer. He has created theatre and dance pieces in Argentina, Colombia, USA, Italy, Germany and Indonesia. At an international level, he teaches contact tango, physical theatre and contact improvisation. As a dancer and a movement teacher he thrives to awaken an irresistible desire to move, dance and create through movement. As a movement activist, he encourages to integrate movement diversity into our daily life and positively impact our emotional, physical and mental health, as well as the Planet’s ecology.Through a mix of disciplines that nourish diversity, body awareness, consensual touch and creativity, he has created The Ecological Body, with the intention to reconnect with oneself, other beings and the Earth, in an emotional, physical and spiritual way. “The Meaning of Movement”. 

Underwater contact dance video:

Contact tango video:

Other videos: 

Komala Amorim is a group leader and trainer. Her work is based on
body awareness, meditation, transpersonal psychology and voice
exploration, in combination with Taoist, Sufi, Tantric and Shamanic
practices. She is a Somatic Experiencing and Craniosacral Biodynamic therapist, a Systemic Ritual practitioner and an explorer of the power of the singing voice and sound vibration. www.komalaamorim.com