THE ECOLOGICAL BODY July 7th-15th 2018

How does our environment affect us? How can we affect our environment? …After all, how we move is who we are.

Through millenniums, the movement requirement for food and survival designed our body. At our present moment, we find ourselves over nourished in terms of food and lacking nourishment in terms of movement. 

In this Summer residency we will:

 – Bring awareness on how our actual environment affects us (sitting hours, computer work, shoes, flat surfaces, clothes types, postures, etc)

– Bring awareness on our daily movement requirements due to our past relation to food foraging.

-Develop ways of knowing, learning, and practicing that come directly from the environment: The gardens, forests and rivers surrounding the Bechyne former Franciscan Monastery are the perfect context to re ground our movement relation with Nature.

-We will walk, run, climb, squat, lift, carry, etc. and apply these natural movements to dance, contact improvisation, tango, and martial arts.

– We will bridge swimming, both in rivers and in warm water pool, with locomotion and dance

-We will  sound meditate, sing polyphony and expand our voice with movement in the specially designed sound arcades of the Monastery.

-We will get in touch with ourselves and others, jam together dancing and playing music, cook, explore and reflect, with the hope of facilitating the embodiment of individual and social transformations.

DATES: 7th to 15th July. Note: there is the possibility of a reduced stay. 

COST: Early bird price BEFORE 10 June: 295 / 275E for former participants to Bechyne ws, students & Czechs. AFTER: 325 / 305E for former participants, students & Czechs. 

Cost includes: Accommodation in shared rooms in nearby elementary school. Food is not included. There is an enormous kitchen in the monastery and cheap good restaurants nearby. If you wish more luxury there is a list of alternative accommodation.

INFO: Javier Cura  +49 176 2145 2059 

More info soon at: &

Moss Beynon Juckes: is an artist, musician, composer, movement director and workshop facilitator based in Berlin. She works internationally with performance, workshops, residencies and community projects. This has included touring “This Variation” by Tino Sehgal, collaborating with M.A.S. (Music, Art Science) in the U.K  and collaborating with Javier Cura. She is currently developing OKO (formerly part of the polyphonic band Tralalka). Her work concentrates on musicality, integrating wellness, performance and symbolic transformative individual and social actions.  OKO:

Javier Cura is a teacher, visual artist and theatre director. You can find him at Fabrik Potsdam Tanztage in Germany, Farma Dance Theatre Festival, Alchemie Tango in Prague, C.I.R.A in Strasbourg, as well as in Contact Impro Festivals in Goettingen (Germany), or San Francisco (USA). He has also dedicated himself to researches in anthropological and sociological themes developing them in social theatre projects in Italy, Morocco and Germany. He has collaborated on a research on expression in Contact Improvisation and Movement at the Berlin Free University.  He is devising a movement therapy for Sickle Cell carriers been tried at the Royal London Hospital. He is currently working on the project “The Ecological Body”.

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